Taking the historical reconstruction of Kolomenskoye Park as its starting point, Kolomenskoye guide is a alternative tour that focuses on how history is continuously (re)constructed and (re)performed through the present.

A Collective Memory:

A process of construction in constant reconstruction


Think of heritage as a structure. Made visual it becomes a pattern. Made physical it becomes a construction. Made mental it becomes support. How fluid is really time, if it keeps repeating itself by its remnants?


A wooden palace was built at the first place for settlements within the Moscow area. Stories about its grandness and lavishly ornamented labyrinths outlived its physicality. Destroyed and rebuild several times during its presences, latest now in 2010, its construction is based on merely descriptions, drawings and a small wooden model telling of what used to be.


Repeat the history that is beneficial to you and learn from your past.

One step ahead.


"The main idea behind the work "Supramen walk Kolomenskoye" consists of the examination of the question of the visualisation of thought and, conversely, how visuality is transformed into thought. In the series of "blind" group excursions on the history of the palace at Kolomenskoye, the artists discuss how the picture of history is constructed in the present, how the "aesthetics of heritage" are a structure that reproduces the idea of the past in the form of a mental concept. 

Supramen begin their historical reconstruction at Kolomenskoye in the form оf alternative tours which are given to five blindfolded participants at a time. Following the voice of Mamurza, a storyteller from theatrical plays of the time of Alexei I, the tour participants listen as the history of the wooden palace"

This work was commissioned by V-A-C foundation as part of the

Expanding Space programme for Artistic Practice in the Urban Environment. Long-term project on public art production in Moscow. http://expandingspace.ru

The virtual inhabits the real